Wairarapa wine-maker wins 2012 Young Horticulturist of the Year

Young Wairarapa viticulturist Braden Crosby won the Young Horticulturist of the Year, as well as second place in the Agmardt Innovation Award on Thursday evening. “It was a long two days and a great experience,” said the winner of $11,500 worth of prizes including a $7,500 travel package.

His entry into the Agmardt Innovation award is a frost windmill blade system that can also be used for electricity generation. The judge’s noted that the project was delivered with real professionalism. “The project’s taken me out of my comfort zone with technical areas and I’ve had to approach people for help during my research and development,” says Braden.

Andrew Scott won the Agmardt Innovation Award with his project that takes undersized potatoes and processes them into dried potato flake. The judges commented that the project was thoroughly thought through and applauded him for looking at grower profitability. Agmardt are also encouraging Andrew to apply for an Agribusiness innovation grant. Nathan Flowerday of Agmardt adds; “The innovation prize isn’t just about the $5000,we’re eagar to see Andrew’s concept brought to market and the next natural step is a feasibility study which could be funded through an Agmardt Agribusiness innovation grant.” After presenting his prize, Nathan Flowerday also offered to mentor Andrew.

Six finalists representing their industry sectors were judged on their knowledge and skills across floristry, gardening, landscaping, viticulture, amenity planting and horticulture. Their business planning and presentation skills were put to the test through interviews, computer based activities and speeches.

Speaking on the night, horticulture industry experts emphasised the importance of smart young people with drive, determination and attitude to take the sector forward and in so doing help to develop New Zealand’s place in the world economy.

The competition, managed by the RNZIH Education Trust on behalf of the sponsors including Agmardt, Fruitfed Supplies, and Turners and Growers is designed to develop the finalists’ skills and knowledge and enhance their career opportunities in the horticulture industry.

Left to right:
Nathan Flowerday, AGMARDT Associate Board member,
Braden Crosby Young Horticulturist of the Year winner,
Richard Bawden National Manager Fruitfed Supplies,
Colin Lyford General Manager Domestic Products, Turners & Growers

Final results:

2012 Young Horticulturist of the Year:

  • First: Braden Crosby representing NZ Winegrowers
  • Second: Andrew Scott representing the combined fruit and vegetable sectors for Horticulture NZ
  • Third: Karl Noldan representing the NZ Recreation Association – Amenity sector

AGMARDT Project Prize winners:

  • First: Andrew Scott representing the combined fruit and vegetable sectors for Horticulture NZ
  • Second: Braden Crosby representing NZ Winegrowers
  • Third: Andrew Rae representing Landscaping New Zealand
  • Consolation prizes of $500 each to Daniel Chong representing the Nursery and Garden Industry of NZ, Annika Horgan representing Floristry NZ Inc., and Karl Noldan

Fruitfed Supplies Best Speech:

  • Daniel Chong representing Nursery and Garden Industry New Zealand

The Leadership Award partnered by Fruitfed Supplies and Ballance Agri Nutrients:

  • Braden Crosby

Bayer Best Practice Award:

  • Andrew Scott

Turners and Growers Best Practical Activity Award:

  • Braden Crosby


Thank You

We would like to sincerely  thank the following 2012 sponsors for their support;

  • Partnering sponsors:
    • Fruitfed Supplies
    • Turners & Growers
  • Supporting Sponsors:
    • Bayer
    • Ballance Agri-Nutrients
    • Massey University
    • NZ Gardener Magazine
    • NZ Horticulture  ITO
  • Affiliated Sponsors:
    • City Park Services
    • NZ Gourmet
    • Yara Fertilisers
    • Everris
    • Manukau Institute of Technology School of Horticulture
    • Yates NZ
    • Rainbow Park Nurseries
    • Cornwall Park Trust
    • Auckland Botanic Gardens

The Education Trust would like to sincerely thank Fruitfed Supplies and Trillian Trust for their grants to the 2012 competition.

The competition is managed by the RNZIH Education Trust. The event manager is Elenka Nikoloff,
email: elenka.nikoloff@xtra.co.nz    

Simon Gourley
Young Horticulturist 2019

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