2019 Young Horticulturist competition launched

7 May 2019

The hunt is on for New Zealand’s 2019 Young Horticulturist.

Annabel Bulk

The 2019 event is being officially launched this month with the country’s best young men and women preparing to go head-to-head in six sector competitions throughout New Zealand. These competitions determine who will qualify to compete in the Young Horticulturist annual competition held in November. The competition recognises and celebrates excellence in people aged under 30, employed in the horticulture industry.

One finalist will represent each of the six sectors, with these being Young Amenity, Young Achiever (representing NZ plant producers), Young Grower, Young Viticulturist, Young Landscaper and Young Florist/floriculturist.

2019 Young Horticulturist Competition chairperson Elle Anderson is thrilled to announce the continued support of four partnering sponsors. These are AGMARDT, Countdown, Fruitfed Supplies and T&G.

She says this year marks a milestone with the competition celebrating its 15th year.

“That is 15 years of providing an opportunity for personal and professional growth for young leaders from the wider horticultural industry. It will be these leaders who will inspire the industry and others to ensure our horticultural industry stays ahead of the world with innovations,” she says.

Last year’s winner Annabel Bulk encourages young horticulturists to pit their talents. Annabel, who is a viticulturist with Felton Road Wines in Central Otago’s Bannockburn, says the competition gave her the opportunity to meet and share experiences with like-minded young people from across the horticulture sector.

“It also opened my eyes to the variety of work in horticulture and allowed me to network with supporting industry bodies. These experiences were invaluable and meant I could take knowledge back to the viticultural sector and apply new understandings to how I work.

“I have gained a huge amount of confidence from the win, enabling me to be a better leader and team member,” she says.
The competition incorporates three main winners as well as additional prize packages for areas such as innovation, practical components, community engagement and leadership. The total prize pool is more than $50,000.

To qualify for the 2019 Young Horticulturist Competition, entry is via a sector competition. Entry forms for sector competitions and application closing dates are available from the individual industry associations.

Ms Anderson says the event could not occur without the support of the partnering sponsors, supporters, affiliated supporters, and friends of the competition – all of whom appreciate the value of encouraging young people in the horticulture sector.

T&G managing director – NZ produce Andrew Keaney says horticulture needs to remain a viable, attractive and fulfilling career option for young people.

“T&G is committed to ensuring this is the case and sponsoring the 2019 Young Horticulturalist Competition is a great way for us to show our support.

“We thoroughly enjoy being part of a competition that celebrates and showcases the young talent and future leaders of our industry,” he says.

Mr Keaney says being a Young Horticulturist Competition partner is a good fit for T&G – New Zealand’s largest produce company, with its focus on delivering freshness every day and helping grow the economy.

“We compete at efficiently producing safe, tasty, high-quality products that are in high demand on the global market. Our fertile soils and our growers are among the best in the world. New Zealand horticulture is an exciting industry to be a part of.

The event’s supporters are: Primary ITO, Horticentre Trust, Bayer Crop Science, and Trillian Trust. The affiliated supporters are: ANZ, AIM Services, ICL Speciality Fertilisers, Massey University, Safeworx, NZ Gardener, NZ Winegrowers, NZ Hothouse Group, Norwood and Horticulture New Zealand. The friends of the competition are: MIT School of Primary Industries, Cornwall Park Trust Board, Auckland Botanical Gardens, RNZIH, Lyndale

To check out the full list of supporters.

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